HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method


HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy of birthing as it is a method or technique for achieving safer, easier, and more comfortable birth. The HypnoBirthing philosophy is based on the belief that a healthy woman carrying a healthy baby and having a healthy pregnancy, who is properly prepared, is able to have a comfortable and gentle birthing. 

What is it?

This program includes education in special breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, relaxation, affirmation, visualization, and bonding - all designed to assist the birthing mother to become empowered and confident, as she trusts the innate wisdom of her body to know how to birth her baby intuitively.

HypnoBirthing classes

There are two types of classes. You can choose between group classes with other expecting parents or private classes. Both of these options include 5 - 2.5 hour classes over a 5 week span. These are held over 5 consecutive weeks (in the case of a holiday this may be extended a week). If you are nearing your due date please contact me for expedited childbirth class options.