Q: Do you only support women who are HypnoBirthing?

A: No! I support a wide range of situations including, but not limited to, hospital, birth center, homebirth, c-section, induction, and unmedicated birth. 

Q: Does a doula take the place of a birth partner?

A: No! I am there to enhance the birth companion's role, not take it over. Some people do not have a birth companion and hire a doula to fill that role completely. I will do that! If the birthing person does have a birth companion my job is to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to both parties. I fill in where birth companions don't want to, facilitate them being involved where they want to, and make sure everyone feels comfortable. 

Q: People that are having a c-section don't need a doula, right?

A: This isn't correct. The families I have supported through c-section have been thankful to have me there and felt it improved their experience all around. Many doctors allow the doula to come back to the operating room with you. I stay with you while they're preparing you for surgery, I go back with you while you're in surgery, and when the baby is born I trade back and forth with your birth companion. When your birth companion is with the baby I stay with you and vice versa. This helps you not feel alone and have a sense of comfort. I am also happy to take pictures while in there to give you some first glimpses of your sweet baby! When they take you to the recovery area I join you to help with the transition. 

Q: What happens if you can't come to my birth?

A: I have a great relationship with other doulas that are experienced in the Austin area. I am able to call on them if a situation comes up that prevents me from attending your birth (i.e. I wake with a fever when you call me and tell me you're in labor). I do my very best to limit the possibility of me not being available.

Q: I want childbirth classes but I do not want to do HypnoBirthing. What should I do?

A: I offer a personalized childbirth class to you and your birth companion if you would like to do classes but do not want the HypnoBirthing aspect. I also know many other great childbirth educators in the area and can refer you to them if you prefer. Please contact me directly and we can discuss what the best option is for you.

Q: Do I have to take a childbirth class for you to be my doula?

A: No. I will still be your doula even if you are not taking my or any other childbirth class. However, if during your pregnancy you are having a lot of questions related to childbirth I may refer you to a class to ensure you're feeling prepared for birth. 

Q: Do you provide postpartum doula services?

A: I am not currently offering postpartum doula care. I do give referrals to local postpartum doulas and I am confident any of them will be a great choice. Please reach out if you would like help finding someone. You can also request a postpartum doula through  http://centxdoulas.org

Q: What does it mean that you're a member of the Central Texas Doula Association?

A: From CTDA's website: "When care providers refer to a CTDA doula, they can feel confident their patients will find a professional and ethical doula who abides by CTDA’s Scope of Practice and Ethics Statements. All CTDA doulas are bound to these agreements upon membership. Through professional support, continuing education, and mentor programs for new doulas, CTDA members maintain the highest standards in our profession. CTDA doulas are held accountable for their professional actions and behaviors through the peer accountability program, overseen by our Ethics Committee."  

If you have further questions, CTDA's website has a great list of FAQs as well.